We were – from the very start – skeptical of much of the information that Sven and Andersen Group Realty gave us. From their estimate of how long our condo would be on the market to what the right selling price was. We were stubborn about staging. We were difficult when it came to viewing times. We had a dangerously brief window in which to sell our house, due to an impending move from Boston to Los Angeles. All the logistics and scheduling were going to be tremendously challenging, and we needed a partner whose interests were aligned with ours, whose capabilities were up to a daunting task, and who could communicate clearly along the way. Sven was so personable and so considerate we figured that it was all for show. This wasn’t our first sale. Sven and Andersen Group Realty had not handled a sale in Somerville in a couple of years. We were about to be very impressed with what Andersen Group Realty could provide.

Throughout the process Sven did give us very accurate information. Despite our high level of stress Sven, Prescott and Andersen Group Realty delivered high quality services and along the way they reduced our stress. They each offered very useful assistance.

Sven helped us to re-position mid-sale and delivered seven (7) offers within three (3) weeks. The offers were well beyond our expectations for value and quality. Prior to having spoken with Sven we would have thought the lowest of these offers was tremendous. Sven accurately saw what could be and helped us aim even higher. They were there to help ease all the of the pain points from setup to removing items prior to closing. Along the way she handled requests for documents and helped iron our scheduling concerns. Prescott provided excellent services in helping us with some real difficulties with water bills and Fire Protection certificates. He also helped to ensure closing went smoothly and happened on its scheduled date. Even the team’s recommended lawyer, was pleasure to work with.

To make a long story short, we are in California now, with a lot less stress, our condo sold for a price we felt very pleased with and a buyer who we expect to fit in well with the other condo owners in our building. Andersen Group Realty marketed our place well, provided valuable help along the way, and the cost of their services were precisely what we expected. Sven’s team is extraordinarily talented and our experience was very positive.