Investing In Real Estate Is A Process We Know Well

While it may be difficult for some, we make investing in real estate simpler by providing guidance, education, and a concierge-like approach to your needs. Together, we will help you by providing:

Exceptional Service

Andersen Group Realty is dedicated to one mission: “serving our customers and clients with the highest level of professionalism”. Our approach to the industry and our investing real estate strategy ensures all our clients have a hassle-free investing experience.

Research & Analytics

Your needs, budget, timeframe and the market conditions are our primary concern. We will scour the web for you, we will preview homes for you, and we will see all potential investment properties together.

In addition to homes on the market, we will use our extensive network to also search for properties before they come onto market in order to give you an edge against the competition. Whilst previewing properties, we will show you the best features and shortcomings and make sure you are well educated well before you make an informed offer.

Comprehensive Resources

When you decide to work with Andersen Group Realty, you will get full access to our premier partners. We will confidently recommend some of the best local inspectors, brokers, lawyers, and home improvement specialists to help you in your journey as a homeowner.

Negotiation Guidance

When you think that you have finally found your perfect home, we will help you make an offer.

We will build you a custom strategy so you have the best chance of being accepted. We are experts in many different markets and processes; we have mastered bidding wars and will guide you on how to best approach the seller.

A Lasting Relationships

To us, a client relationship doesn’t just end when your new home is purchased, or even when the development has finished and you have already moved in. And if you decide to sell in the future, we will be there to help you then, too.

When it comes to investing, we’re happy to help our clients create wealth. Here’s how the process works:

Establishing Needs & Wants

When you start thinking about investing in real estate and becoming an investor, it is important to establish your financial expectations, your overall needs and wants.

Ascertain the kind of investment property that you are looking for and would best suit you. No matter what real estate experience you have, Andersen Group Realty is happy to serve you. Whether you’re a first-time investor buyer or you currently have multiple properties, it is crucial to take the time to plan.

Plan Out Your Finances

Before investing in real estate, you must meet with a financial advisor or mortgage specialist. We can happily connect you with one of our many premier partners to help you get pre-approved for a mortgage and establish a realistic budget.

Know Your Options

Unit conversion, rehab/resell, buy and hold. As your trusted experts, we can help you understand the options you have in front of you and what they might mean for your portfolio’s strength and future growth.

Receive Expert Property Knowledge

Your property location can determine your income potential, type of tenants, and overall success as an investor. Andersen Group Realty can show you the potential properties and neighborhoods. The North of Boston area is home to many up-and-coming neighborhoods, historical, established communities, and enthusiastic tenants looking to sign a lease. Once you’ve purchased and prepared your home for occupants, we’ll be happy to help you secure a suitable tenant.

Learning Landlord Responsibilities

An investment property owner has a lot more responsibilities than the average homeowner. Let us familiarize you with all the obligations that income properties entail. We will educate you and ensure that you are well-versed on Massachusetts tenant’s rights and landlord responsibilities before you purchase an investment property.