Kurt Russel Cayabyab is the team assistant for Andersen Group Realty. As a well-rounded assistant, Kurt brings a strong work ethic to the team and takes on a variety of roles for the team. His primary focus is on the property listing side of the business, ensuring every listing is meticulously detailed and presented to attract the right buyers. He conducts comprehensive market research and inventory projects to support sales strategies and provide insights that help the team stay ahead of industry trends. Additionally, Kurt facilitates smooth communication and coordination within the team, contributing to a seamless workflow and timely project completion.

As an electronics engineering graduate, transitioning into real estate has allowed him to leverage his technical skills while also embracing his passion for organization and administrative work. Kurt’s skills in organization, attention to detail, and research are instrumental in supporting Andersen Group Realty’s mission to provide exceptional real estate services. He is committed to contributing to the team’s success and achieving the company’s goals.

Outside work, Kurt enjoys biking, jogging, and watching movies during his free time. He can also be found traveling to different places in and out of his country, be it alone or with friends.