Thinking about selling your home? You might think preparing your home to sell requires a lot of money, hiring professionals, or completely remodeling your home by bringing in all new flooring, furniture and decor. Well, you’re in luck because it doesn’t have to be like that!

When it comes to positioning your home in the best light for prospective buyers, you don’t always need to spend a lot of time and money to get great results. There are many small yet highly impactful improvements that you can make as a homeowner to the highlight areas of your home. Here are 5 strategic updates that will have a big impact on your ability to attract an offer quickly and at your ideal price point:


1) Boost your curb appeal

The first thing that buyers will see can make a large difference in the success of your showings and open houses, and in turn, how successful the sale of your home will be. First impressions really do matter. A few simple ways that you can increase your curb appeal could be by adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door, removing clutter on your porch, and updating the front of your home with minimal accessories. No need to go overboard here — but making your porch look clean and well taken care of can add value. 

  1. Paint your door: A nicely-painted front door is an important part of your home’s exterior charm because it stands out.  Choose a classic color that will withstand the test of time, like a neutral black, brown or gray. Some shades of navy blue and deep red are classic front door colors that act as neutrals.
  2. Update/Add accessories: The front of your home needs minimal accessories to appeal to buyers. No need to go overboard  — consider a simple front door wreath and a few seasonal potted plants. 
  3. Remove clutter: Clear your porch and yard of items like dead plants, gardening tools and sports equipment. Pressure wash your porch, stairs and driveway.


2) Apply neutral colored paint

Painting is a relatively inexpensive improvement before selling that can significantly impact buyers’ perception of your home. Buyers need to imagine themselves in a home. Neutral tones in beige, cream/white or gray tones accomplish this best. Applying fresh, neutral paint colors to your walls is an easy way to get the greatest return on your investment (and makes your home look more valuable!). Rooms that once felt dark and drab get an instant facelift and appear larger, brighter and more welcoming.  

4 Neutral Paint Colors That Can Add Value To Your Home


3) Refresh your bathrooms

Freshen up your bathrooms with simple updates. Investing in a new shower curtain in a white or neutral shade, or replacing outdated decor — like floral curtains and old light fixtures — with new, contemporary choices are simple and easy ways to spruce up your bathrooms. Adding a faux orchid and new white hand towels lend a clean and refreshing feel to any bathroom.


Here are a few other easy ways to freshen up your bathroom: 

9 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom 


4) Depersonalize

It makes it harder for buyers to picture their own lives in your home when they’re looking at your family photos, collectibles, and knickknacks. Packing up all of your personal decorations, however make sure to not leave end tables barren. Leave a few items of varying heights on each surface. For example, place a small plant, a lamp, and a book on an end table. 


5) Scale back on your furniture 

When a room is packed with furniture, it tends to make a room appear smaller, which will in turn make buyers think your home is less valuable than it really is. Make sure buyers appreciate the size of each room by removing one or two pieces of furniture. If you have an eat-in dining room area, using a small table and chair set makes the area seem bigger. 

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