Autumn Decor Trends

Fall is here – and with it comes cozy knit sweaters, warm apple cider, and new ways to decorate your home. While summer brings thoughts of light, breezy, and bright decor, fall brings deeper colors, warmer fabrics, and natural accents. Consider some of these ideas when looking to spice up your decor this fall.

Bring nature indoors

Integrate natural elements into your home with linens, wood accents, jute rugs, and ceramics. Stick to neutral shades of white, cream, or a spectrum of greys, from pale tones to deep slate. For a unique statement, hang woven baskets or trays on the wall, install a basket pendant light, or place your houseplants in woven planters.

Give teal a try

Teal is in this fall. Falling somewhere between green and blue, this shade can bring brightness into any room. Add teal to your home through accents like pillows or throws. If you’re looking to make a statement with this color, consider painting a room in a deep teal, paired with pale wood and white decor. If teal isn’t quite your color, forest greens are also very on trend this fall.

Cozy up with velvet

Fall is the best time to try out cozy, soft fabrics and this season, velvet is making a comeback. Use a soft velvet chair to create a cozy reading nook, or add velvet pillows or a velvet throw to your favorite sitting spot. Pair it with natural textures like reclaimed wood, ceramics, or smooth metals.

Go with faux

Want to update this fall but don’t have the funds? Many of your favorite finishes are now available in less expensive options, such as faux florals, stick-on subway tiles and wall decals, removable wallpaper, and removable floor decals. You can even find faux wood beams, so you can update your space with this natural accent for a lot less.

Bring green indoors

As the leaves change color and drop from tree branches, you may find yourself craving some green. Houseplants add the perfect decorative element to your home and bring the green hues of summer indoors, to help you feel cheery even as it gets cold. Try small succulents, a fiddle or weeping leaf fig, or a banana tree. Make sure you keep them in well-lit spaces and water as instructed to keep the bright greens of summer with you all year round.

Perfect in pink

If dark teal or forest green aren’t your colors, consider bringing millennial pink or blush into your home. Millennial pink is bright and fun, providing a perfect pop of color to any room. Pair it with pastel tones like smokey grey, or sky blue, and accent pieces of clear glass. Blush is another great option if millennial pink is too bright for your taste. This softer, lighter color can be integrated easily into any decor with velvet pillows, a cozy blanket, or painted planter boxes.


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