Andersen Group Realty understands that good education is paramount to every child’s foundation for success. A first-rate school can often be the deciding factor when the parents are looking for a great neighborhood to raise their children.

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The mission of the Arlington Public Schools is to educate students by promoting academic excellence, by empowering students to achieve their maximum potential, and by preparing students for responsible participation in an ever-changing world. The Arlington Public Schools are committed to helping every student achieve emotional, social, vocational, and academic success.

Arlington High School9-12High School11859/10Learn More >
Brackett Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School4819/10Learn More >
Cyrus E Dallin Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School4679/10Learn More >
Hardy Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School3639/10Learn More >
John A Bishop Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School41210/10Learn More >
M Norcross Stratton Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School3758/10Learn More >
Menotomy PreschoolPKPreschool55N/ALearn More >
Ottoson Middle School6-8Middle School10549/10Learn More >
Peirce Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School27010/10Learn More >
Thompson Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School3589/10Learn More >

Arlington Catholic High School9-12Roman Catholic6508/10Learn More >
Arlington Children's Center IncNS-KDaycare / Preschool11210/10Learn More >
Dearborn Academy1-12Special Education School1488/10Learn More >
Lesley Ellis SchoolNS-8N/A18210/10Learn More >
New Covenant SchoolNS-6Christian13210/10Learn More >
St. Agnes SchoolPK-8Roman Catholic3238/10Learn More >
Youth Villages-Germaine Lawrence Campus6-12All Girls/Special Education73N/ALearn More >

*All school statistics have been sourced from

Belmont High School9-12High School11838/10Learn More >
Daniel Butler Elementary SchoolKG-4Elementary36910/10Learn More >
Mary Lee Burbank Elementary SchoolKG-4Elementary35610/10Learn More >
Roger E Wellington Elementary SchoolPK-4Elementary5828/10Learn More >
Winn Brook Elementary SchoolKG-4Elementary44710/10Learn More >
Winthrop L Chenery Middle School5-8Middle126810/10Learn More >

Adventures Preschool Children’s CenterKDaycare/Preschool1N/ALearn More >
Belmont Day SchoolPK-8Elementary School272N/ALearn More >
Belmont Hill School7-12All-boys444N/ALearn More >
Cns/pathways Academy7-12Special Education School29N/ALearn More >
The Kendall SchoolKDaycare/Preschool75N/ALearn More >
Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay9-12Special Program Emphasis53N/ALearn More >

*All school statistics have been sourced from

Bowman Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary54310/10Learn More >
Bridge Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary54910/10Learn More >
Fiske Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary49610/10Learn More >
Harrington Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary44810/10Learn More >
Jonas Clarke Middle School6-8Middle School8659/10Learn More >
Joseph Estabrook Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary49510/10Learn More >
Lexington High School9-12High School200210/10Learn More >
Maria Hastings Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary42110/10Learn More >
Minute Regional High School9-12Vocational715N/ALearn More >
Wm Diamond Middle School6-8Middle School79110/10Learn More >

Armenian Sisters AcademyPK-5Roman Catholic10710/10Learn More >
Child Development Center Of LexingtonPK-KDaycare/Preschool38N/ALearn More >
Community Therapeutic Day SchoolKG-6Special Education School25N/ALearn More >
Cotting SchoolPK-12Special Education School9510/10Learn More >
French for KidsNS-PKDaycare/Preschool20N/ALearn More >
Lexington Christian Academy6-12Christian3058/10Learn More >
Lexington Knowledge BeginningsNS-PKDaycare/PreschoolN/AN/ALearn More >
Lexington MontessoriNS-8Montessori215N/ALearn More >
Meadowridge Pelham Academy8-12All-girls, Special Education28N/ALearn More >
Waldorf School Of LexingtonNS-8N/A244N/ALearn More >

*All school statistics have been sourced from

Brooks SchoolPK-5Elementary5535/10Learn More >
Christopher Columbus Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary4784/10Learn More >
Curtis-tufts High School9-12High School22N/ALearn More >
John J. Mcglynn Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary5493/10Learn More >
John J. Mcglynn Middle School6-8Middle School5313/10Learn More >
Madeleine Dugger Andrews Middle School6-8Middle School5196/10Learn More >
Medford High School9-12High School11558/10Learn More >
Medford Vocational Technical High School9-12Vocational School2185/10Learn More >
Milton Fuller Roberts Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary5653/10Learn More >

Eliot-Pearson Children’s SchoolPK-2N/A80N/ALearn More >
St. Joseph Elementary SchoolPK-8Roman Catholic483N/ALearn More >
St. Raphael Elementary SchoolPK-8Roman Catholic396N/ALearn More >
St. Clement Parish SchoolPK-12Roman Catholic266N/A 
St. Francis Of Assisi SchoolK-9Roman Catholic231N/ALearn More >

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Early Childhood CenterPKPreschool280N/ALearn More >
Herbert Clark Hoover Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School45610/10Learn More >
Horace Mann Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School2707/10Learn More >
Lincoln Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School3459/10Learn More >
Melrose High School9-12High School9337/10Learn More >
Melrose Middle School6-8Middle School8669/10Learn More >
Roosevelt Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School2939/10Learn More >
Winthrop Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School34210/10Learn More >

Melrose KinderCareNS-PKDaycare/PreschoolN/AN/ALearn More >
Melrose MontessoriK-2Montessori43N/ALearn More >
Melrose YMCA ChildcarePK-KDaycare/Preschool, Christian37N/ALearn More >
St. Mary’s SchoolPK-8Roman Catholic385N/ALearn More >

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Alice M Barrows Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School3698/10Learn More >
Arthur W Coolidge Middle School6-8Middle School4499/10Learn More >
Birch Meadow Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School3846/10Learn More >
J Warren Killam Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School4636/10Learn More >
Joshua Eaton Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School4558/10Learn More >
Reading Memorial High School9-12High School13076/10Learn More >
Rise PreschoolPKPreschool103N/ALearn More >
Walter S Parker Middle School6-8Middle School5649/10Learn More >
Wood End Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School3389/10Learn More >

Austin Preparatory School6-12Roman Catholic740N/ALearn More >
The Goddard SchoolNS-KDaycare/PreschoolN/AN/ALearn More >
Humpty Dumpty SchoolNS-PKDaycare/Preschool45N/ALearn More >
Reading Montessori SchoolPK-KGMontessori School49N/ALearn More >

*All school statistics have been sourced from

Albert F. Argenziano School At Lincoln ParkPK-8Elementary and Middle School5865/10Learn More >
Arthur D Healey Elementary SchoolKG-8Elementary School4975/10Learn More >
Benjamin G Brown Elementary SchoolKG-6Elementary School28510/10Learn More >
Capuano Early Childhood CenterPK-KGPreschool365N/ALearn More >
E Somerville Community Elementary SchoolKG-8Elementary School6455/10Learn More >
Full Circle High School9-12High School56N/ALearn More >
John F Kennedy Elementary SchoolPK-8Elementary School4516/10Learn More >
Next Wave Junior High School6-8Alternative School28N/ALearn More >
Somerville High School9-12High School12656/10Learn More >
West Somerville Neighborhood Elementary SchoolPK-8Elementary School3677/10Learn More >
Winter Hill Community Elementary SchoolPK-8Elementary School3955/10Learn More >

Somerville Private SchoolsGRADESTYPESIZERATING
Davis Square KinderCareNS-PKDaycare/PreschoolN/AN/ALearn More >
St. Catherine Of Genoa School6-8Roman Catholic245N/ALearn More >
St. Clement Elementary SchoolPK-6Roman Catholic253N/A 
Tufts Educational Daycare CenterPK-KGDaycare/Preschool44N/ALearn More >

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Stoneham Schools Mission Statement
Anticipating the challenges and opportunities of a 21st century world, the Stoneham Public Schools develop students who:

  • Are creative, critical and independent thinkers
  • Demonstrate respect and acceptance of self and others
  • Know and apply communication and information literacy skills
  • Are responsible contributors to the local community

Core Values
All members of the school community:

  • Support a safe, inclusive educational environment
  • Foster and hold high expectations for student learning
  • Share responsibility for the success of our students

Central Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School309N/ALearn More >
Colonial Park Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary School2196/10Learn More >
Robin Hood Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School2685/10Learn More >
South Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary School3205/10Learn More >
Stoneham High School9-12High School6688/10Learn More >
Stoneham Middle School6-8Middle School5689/10 

Edgewood Elementary SchoolPK-12Seventh Day Adventist175N/ALearn More >

*All school statistics have been sourced from

The Winchester Sports Foundation
Sports and fostering young athletes is very important to Winchester High School. According to their official website, “The Winchester Sports Foundation was organized in 1989 by a group of Winchester parents and sports enthusiasts as a result of severe budget cuts to the Winchester High School’s athletic budget. That year the athletic budget faced a $60,000 deficit and the high school considered instituting a $35 per student “sports and transportation fee. To negate the need for this fee, the Foundation raises money from an annual golf tournament, an annual campaign, and through individual and corporate donations.”

Ambrose Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School4579/10Learn More >
Lincoln Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School4259/10Learn More >
Lynch Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary School5059/10Learn More >
Mccall Middle School6-8Middle School10717/10Learn More >
Muraco Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School4179/10Learn More >
Vinson-Owen Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School41510/10Learn More >
Winchester High School9-12High School115010/10Learn More >

Winchester Private SchoolsGRADESTYPESIZERATING
AceraK-8Special Program EmphasisN/AN/ALearn More >
Childrens Own SchoolKMontessori88N/ALearn More >
Creative Corner Children’s Learning CenterKGDaycare/Preschool22N/ALearn More >
St. Mary’s SchoolPK-5Roman Catholic164N/ALearn More >

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Clyde Reeves Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary School5298/10Learn More >
Daniel L Joyce Middle School6-8Middle School5517/10Learn More >
Daniel P Hurld Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School2065/10Learn More >
John F Kennedy Middle School6-8Middle School5535/10Learn More >
Linscott-Rumford Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School2395/10Learn More >
Malcolm White Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School3284/10Learn More >
Mary D Altavesta Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School2189/10Learn More >
Shamrock Elementary SchoolPK-5Elementary School3496/10Learn More >
Woburn High School9-12High School13325/10Learn More >
Wyman Elementary SchoolKG-5Elementary School1866/10Learn More >

Little Folks Day SchoolPK-KDaycare/Preschool65N/ALearn More >
Little Hands Big Hearts Christian PreschoolNS-PKDaycare/Preschool60N/ALearn More >
The May Center For Child DevelopmentK-11Special Education School26N/A 
St. Charles SchoolPK-8Roman Catholic213N/ALearn More >
Woburn KinderCareNS-PKDaycare/Preschool80N/ALearn More >

*All school statistics have been sourced from