Dying to make something of your backyard, but unsure of how to work with limited space? There’s plenty you can do with even the most narrow or tiny of backyards. Read on for five tips about making the most of your patio, deck or empty backyard.

Herb Garden

Are you dreaming of an herb garden, but you don’t have the space to plant one? You can still grow all your favorite herbs despite the limited space. Create a vertical herb garden! Use a trellis and then hang pots on the trellis using pot hangers. Plant a different herb in each pot. Not only will you maximize your backyard space, but you’ll also save money at the grocery store because you’ll have your favorite seasonings in your own backyard. If you have kids, you won’t have to worry about them getting to the herbs because you can put them out of reach on the trellis. Sticking with the theme, you can also display succulents vertically by planting them in small cells and then hanging the entire tray on the wall.

Small Storage Shed

Build a small storage shed. If you don’t have a lot of room, you may not have considered building a large shed because it’ll overwhelm the backyard. Instead, your tools and other backyard items are probably gathered on your porch, which doesn’t leave much room for entertaining or relaxing. Even a tiny shed may be big enough to keep everything organized, though. Think of one that’s the size of a phone booth. It’ll be big enough to store your tools, rakes and shovels, but small enough to not take up more space than you have. Plus, your outdoor living space will now be uncluttered!

Small Deck

Don’t have enough space to warrant building an entire deck? Use snap-in deck tiles to create an impromptu or semi-permanent space. You can section off the rest of the area with purposely-placed plants or other outdoor-friendly features. If you don’t spend a lot of time outside, but you’re having people over for a get-together, these deck tiles are a great, fast solution. They’re also a great option if you rent a home and can’t make any permanent changes.

Outdoor Furniture

Get outdoor furniture that doubles as storage. Comfy chairs that have storage underneath the seats, footrests that you can take the top off and flip over to use as platforms or trays, and tables that have extra space underneath the top are ideal for small spaces. You’ll be able to create a sitting and dining area outside while still having somewhere to keep all of the outdoor tools, toys and cleaning supplies.


Make your yard seem bigger than it is with cleverly-placed mirrors. A lot of people do this indoors to make a small room look larger, but the same effect works outside, too. Find cool, vintage mirrors at antique shops or garage sales. Use them as is or redo the frames. Hang them on your fence or your porch to reflect the area’s greenery and to open up the space.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for Canopy Concepts, a leading installer of custom patio covers and patio enclosures.

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