Selling your home involves a lot of planning. One of the most important elements of getting your home ready for sale is to stage your home. There is a fine line between having too little in a staged home and having too much, so our team has put together this guide to have your house looking its best once showings start.

De-clutter your home

Use the sale of your property as an opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need or want. When a home is professionally staged, up to half the furniture may be removed. Less furniture in the space makes your house look larger, cleaner, and more inviting. This means that if you have pieces you no longer want, now is the time to sell them to make space. De-cluttering also includes art and books. Buyers want to see a home that is clean and precise. An abundance of photos or knick-knacks distract from the beauty of the architecture and the possibilities buyers might imagine during a showing.

Group furniture wisely

When setting up a house for showing, space is key. Placing furniture at the walls actually makes rooms look smaller. Instead, float the furniture away from the walls, perhaps anchored by a beautiful rug. Group chairs and couches in a way that is conducive to conversation and makes the traffic flow of the room obvious. By doing this, your rooms will appear larger and more inviting.

Light your home properly

Great lighting in a house makes it feel more comfortable and welcoming. Surprisingly, most homeowners are misusing lighting. Don’t fall into the same traps. Aim for 100 watts per 50 square feet so each room has a warm glow. Be sure to have all three types of lighting: Ambient, or overhead lighting; task-specific lamps or pendants; and accent lights like sconces. If you need ideas on how to best light your home, this site will help.

Paint like a pro

One of the fastest ways to update a home is by painting it. New paint refreshes old rooms, disguises outdated finishes, and can highlight certain areas of the house. Stick to neutral paints in main rooms as a way to make them feel more spacious. In rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, or study, consider adding an accent wall in a deep hue. Accent walls are a great way to highlight features you love in your house, like a beautiful fireplace or floor-to-ceiling windows. Built-ins also offer a great opportunity for new paint. If your home has built-in shelves, consider painting the insides a color to make them pop, like a pastel blue or green, in order to highlight a piece of neutral-colored pottery.

Getting your property ready to go on the market isn’t something you need to do alone. Andersen Group Realty prides itself on ensuring the satisfaction of our customers in the North of Boston area during every stage of the buying or selling process. Selling your house is an important decision, and our award-winning team is here to make it an easy and pleasant experience every step of the way.If you want to learn more about how to prepare your home for sale, contact us now.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay under Creative Commons Zero license

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